Which At-Home Beauty Device is Right For

Which At-Home Beauty Device is Right For

In the world of at-home beauty devices, there are several popular options to choose from. The
TriPollar STOP Vx, GloPRO, and CELLRETURN LED mask are four products to look out for.
But which one is right for you? Read on to discover more. Here’s a breakdown of some of the
main advantages of each 颈纹如何消除. And be sure to check out our reviews for each product. If you’d like to
try one of these devices for yourself, read on to find out how they stack up.

Silk’n Facetite Z
If you’re looking for an easy to use at-home beauty device that stimulates the production of

collagen, then the Silk’n Facetite Z is the device for you. With a unique combination of near-
infrared LED light and bi-polar radio frequency, this device is clinically proven to tighten and firm

your skin. It comes with a two-year warranty and is safe for most skin types. However, if you’re
planning to use this device on a daily basis, then you should know that the Silk’n Facetite Z only
works in countries where it has an authorized dealer.
TriPollar STOP Vx
The TriPollar STOP Vx at home beauty device uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to deliver
concentrated radio frequency energy to the skin. This energy boosts collagen and elastin
production, decreasing the appearance of visible signs of aging. The device is easy to use, and
comes with a power cord and a small tube of gel for preparation. You can use the device on
your face or body to see results almost immediately.

This small but powerful beauty device emits ionic nano-sized steam to revive dry skin and
restore moisture. It’s best to use it two or three times per week after cleansing your face. After
cleansing, you should apply moisturizer and follow up with skincare products for glowing skin.
Use the GloPRO at least two to three times per week for best results. It uses two AAA batteries
and comes with a wall cord.
The Cellreturn LED Mask is an at-home beauty device that uses LED technology to treat skin.
This device can help you get optimum skin care benefits including a reduction in fine lines and
wrinkles, firming of the skin, and safety over RF technology. To get started, cleanse your face
thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. Follow this with a light toner. After five minutes, apply
your skincare product. Repeat this process twice a day to see the full effects.
DUALSONIC Professional
If you’ve been thinking about buying an at-home beauty device but aren’t sure which one is right

for you, the Dualsonic Professional is a top-of-the-line option for your beauty routine. It uses

HIFU technology to stimulate collagen production, which translates to amazing results for face-
lifting. With dual cartridges that target the different layers of your skin, Dualsonic Professional

gives you the benefits of both high-frequency vibrations and ultrasound waves in a portable,
convenient device. You’ll see results almost instantly!

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